Fast Internet and ICT Centre.

This is one of the unique projects of ADEGCO that offers Digital Literacy skills through basic training in job in-demand computer courses such as; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access), Secretarial works, Graphics design, Email Communication/etiquette, Using the internet, Social Media Marketing, Multi-Media production (photography and video production), Computer repair and maintenance, Networking, Computer programming using python, java, 3 –D, Coding, Blogging and Website design. The centre is also used as an Internet/Cyber Café by the public to do online work such as; online applications, learning/classes, meeting, research and information access among others.

Other adds-on services/offers include; Secretarial services (typing/typesetting, printing, photocopying, scanning, sealing/laminating documents, designing cards and posters etc.), Stationary Items (ball point and marker pens, note books, envelops, masking tapes etc.), Co-working space with high speed internet connection for those with personal laptops, tablets and smart phones. Soft drinks (tea, soda, juice, coffee) for the public to refresh whilst working. Over 200 people have been trained, 500 have accessed and used our fast internet connection! For more information, visit this link.

Skills Development Project (SDP) (Beads knitting and Basket weaving)

This project directly empowered 100 disadvantaged women (disabled, HIV/AIDS victims and widows/single mothers) with hands-on skills and knowledge in beads knitting, basket weaving and entrepreneurial skills. They were given materials for startup and today, 80 of them have continued to make and sell baskets, beads, hand wallets, necklaces hence generating income that have enabled them to cater for the basic needs in their families. Due to peer-to-peer education approach of this project, over 300 women have been reached indirectly!!!

Digital Literacy Skills Training for Primary School teachers project

The effect of COVID-19 on work, education and learning shows that the future of work and education/learning is online, remote and machine learning hence the world has become digital. The digital landscape is changing the face of education whereby learning has become more about acquiring self-learning kills by using online resources. Digital skills must be part of curricula in education/learning institutions especially primary education. Computer/digital literacy and access to internet is a prerequisite for all!! This project focuses on empowering primary school teachers with digital literacy skills and knowledge through specialized and tailor-made training in basic computer courses that enable them incorporate the use of digital tools in teaching and enhance learning of pupils/learners. The needs assessment survey revealed the following courses as most relevant for primary school teachers; Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point), Email Communication, Internet usage, Online learning platforms/repositories/tools necessary for primary school teachers to do research and have access to content, materials and resources, Online Communication tools and Online risks and opportunities e.g. data protection policies, cyber/online theft etc.

Vegetable Growing and Selling Project.

This project empowered 100 women with skills and knowledge in vegetable agronomic practices - growing and selling. The women were trained in hands-on and practical skills in growing vegetables (cabbages, onions, eggplant and tomatoes), they were supplied with high quality vegetable seeds and grew these vegetables in their own gardens at household level. 75 of these women have continued to grow these vegetable in every season and sell them at the nearby markets hence generating income for sustaining their families. The demonstration farm with a seed bank that was established is now used as a one stop site for vegetable seedlings and edible vegetables! It’s as well used as a learning centre by students of agriculture majoring in crop production.

Vegetable Oil Development for All (VOD4A) project.

This project involved sustainable growing of sunflowers among women farmers for sunflower seeds where edible oil is extracted, sunflower cake and soda ash. 50 women of whom 20 are widows, 20 are HIV/AIDS victims and 10 are disabled have been trained in sustainable sunflower agronomic practices, supplied with quality sunflower seeds and have continued to grow sunflowers in their own gardens at household level. At the end of the season, women altogether harvested over 1000 kilograms of sunflower seeds which was processed (value addition) at the nearby sunflower processing machine.

Vegetable Oil Development for All (VOD4A) project, phase 2

Following the successful implementation of phase 1, this project came in to scale up, expand and create/achieve impact at scale. It targeted 100 vulnerable women (HIV/AIDs victims, Disabled and widows) where 20 of whom benefited in phase 1 and 80 new ones from different villages. They were trained in growing sunflowers, each was given 1 kilogram of quality sunflower seeds, 1 gumboot, 1 tarpaulin and a branded project t-shirt. They planted the seeds in their own gardens and they will be expected to add value to their harvested sunflower seed for them to generate income. ADEGCO has already linked and connected them to Popular Knowledge Women Initiative Farmer – to- Farmer Cooperative Society Limited (PKWI FFC) which owns a sunflower processing machine and as well buy the processed products.

This project aims at bumper production of sunflower seeds which will necessitate establishment of its own sunflower processing machine to guarantee cheap and sustainable processing of the harvested sunflower seeds.

Clean Energy Technologies Distribution Project.

This project is geared towards closing the affordability and accessibility gap for the available smart, clean and environmentally friendly energy technologies such as; improved cook stoves, water filters, solar lamps, briquettes among others which can be used as alternatives to local energy technologies (kerosene lamps, three stone method of cooking, fire wood, charcoal) among others that have led to environmental pollution and health hazards. We bring those products closer to people living at the base of the pyramid/hard to reach areas and sell them at cheaper prices!

Skills training of ADEGCO staff in Nonprofit Management project.

This project was conducted from 2 nd -21 st November 2018. It involved hands-on and practical training of ADEGCO staff in Nonprofit Management guided by the project facilitator/expert Dr. Phil Wolfgang Bautz from Senior Experten Service (SES). Some of the topics/modules covered included; basics in nonprofit management, community mobilization and inclusion, project design and execution and international cooperation. The training involved practical and successful case studies. The project has continued with follow-up assignments which happened in 2019, 2020…….with the same expert!

Good Deeds Day

Action for Development of Grassroots Communities in partnership with Good Deeds based in Israel joins the world to celebrate Good Deeds Day on 15 th April every year. ADEGCO and its members especially the youth celebrate this Good Deeds Day every year by cleaning all the streets of Bukedea town. Good Deeds Day is a day when everyone is expected to do good for others in the community by taking a volunteer activity for the benefit of all. Join us on 15 th April of every year for a good cause!!!

Using Volleyball as a sport for Development of children and the youth

This project relieves children and the youth off from physical, psychological, psychosocial, mental and emotional health and wellbeing disorders such as; anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, obesity, hypertension, joint pains among others through training and playing volleyball whilst offering therapeutic counselling and guidance inform of using the space for social interactions to convey, disseminate and spread information regarding pertinent issues that affect young people (children and the youth) in the community such as; COVID-19, HIV/AIDs, early marriages, school drop outs, early pregnancies, gender based violence, domestic violence prevention, peaceful co-existence among others. Monthly friendly volleyball matches and quarterly volleyball tonourments/competitions are organized with other volleyball teams/clubs and local leaders and counselors are invited to talk to the children and the youth on the above issues affecting them.

Solar Back up system at Fast Internet and ICT Centre.

This project was aimed at solving the problem of load shedding in Bukedea town where electricity is often on and off which effects operations at Fast Internet and ICT Centre. It further reduces costs spent on buying fuel for the available generator. The solar power system guarantees constant power supply and also ensures adoption and use of smart, safe, clean and environmentally friendly energy technology.

Summary of ADEGCO Previous and current projects

1 Skills Development Project (SDP) (Beads knitting and Basket weaving) Nov 2017 – Nov 2018 Okunguro Parents Parish Ongoing ADEGCO Local Contribution $500
2 Vegetable Growing and Selling Project Oct 2017 – Oct 2018 Okunguro Parents Parish Ended American Women for International Understanding (AWIU) $2,000
3 Clean Energy Products Distribution project Feb 2018 – Feb 2019 Bukedea town Ongoing ENVenture $2,000
4 Training of ADEGCO Staff in nonprofit management First assignment Nov 2rd – 21 st Nov 2018 Follow up assignment 20 th Jan – 1 Feb 2020 Bukedea town Ongoing Senior Experten Service ( SES) €2,000
5 Vegetable Oil Development for All project (VOD4A) 1 st May 2019 – 31 st April 2020 Okunguro Parents Parish Ongoing Erbarcher Foundation and Society for Inclusion and Social Work e.V (ISA) €1,400
6 Vegetable Oil Development for All (VOD4A 2) Extension Phase Feb 2021 – Feb 2022 Kangole Sub County Ongoing Erbarcher Foundation and Society for Inclusion and Social Work e.V (ISA) €5,700
7 Fast Internet and ICT Centre 1st May 2019 – 30 th April 2020 Bukedea Town Ongoing Stiftung Nord- Sud Brucken and Society for Inclusion and Social Work e.V (ISA) €8,000
8 General Cleaning of all streets in Bukedea Town on Good Deeds Day. 15 th April every year Bukedea Town Ongoing Good Deeds In-kind support; T-shirts
9 Using Volleyball as a sport for Development December 2020 – December 2021 Okunguro Parents Parish Ongoing The Pollination Project $1,000
10 Solar power back up system at Fast Internet and ICT Centre 1 st March – 31 st October 2021 Bukedea Town Ongoing Stiftung Nord - Sud Brucken and Society for Inclusion and Social Work e.V (ISA) €2,870
11 Digital Literacy Skills Training for Primary School teachers project June – December 2021 Bukedea District Ongoing Eudim Stiftung and Leapfrog e.V Berlin €4,000
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