Three decades of insurgency in Teso sub-region have left persistent suffering among the Iteso community. Cattle rustling by the Karamojong and the rebel activities in Teso and Bukedea in particular (1970’s to 1990’s) caused many deaths, displacements and uncontrolled destruction of property. These impediments subsequently caused orphanage, abject poverty, widespread illiteracy, and break down of traditional family systems among others.

The above, with the persistent devastating effects of climate change still put the Iteso community in dire desperacy and in need of holistic help.

Despite the several interventions by the government and other humanitarian agencies; abject poverty, domestic violence, poor sanitation and hygiene, early marriages, unemployment and recurrent food insecurity still persist among the Iteso and the people of Bukedea district thus impacting on their livelihood and the general socio-economic development in the region.

It is against this background that Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) was conceived to bring about lasting hope in the Iteso communities through advocacy, lobbying, capacity building, mentoring, sensitization and awareness rising.

Who We Are

Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) is grassroots self-help, non-profit, Community Based Organization founded on 8 th June 2015. Its offices are located on plot 2, along Okunguro Mission road before industrial area in Bukedea town, Bukedea District in Teso sub region, Eastern Uganda. The formation of ADEGCO was out of deep aspiration by a group of young, committed, active citizens and passionate graduate youth to give back to the community, create a social positive impact and do an action at home by responding to the plights of the most vulnerable groups of people especially; women (disabled, widows and HIV/AIDs victims) and the youth (in and out of school) affected greatly by unemployment, diseases, extreme poverty, gender and economic inequalities, climate change, lack of skills for self-reliance and low income levels. We do this by co-creating, design and implementing with and for them innovative and problem solving projects geared towards solving the above pressing challenges hence realizing and achieving development at personal and community development.

Thematic Areas of Intervention


Education and Skills Training

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Development Goals

These are the Global Sustainable Development Goals to which our projects contribute.

ADEGCO’s aim is to support the integration, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of the underprivileged, vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged groups of people in communities in to the development paradigm shift and give everyone a choice for access to - and utilization of available resources. The idea to form ADEGCO is also attributed to the need to realize and achieve the Global and National Development Agendas at community level such as the current 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Uganda’s Vision 2040 and complement in achieving the Third National Development Plan of Uganda (NDP, 2020).

Why we are unique, our value proposition and why partner with us.

  • We are a youth-led organization shaping the future for the next generation.
  • We pay close attention to our principle of endoginity which states that development comes from within.
  • We pay close attention to voices and feedback from the people who benefit from our projects. Therefore, our projects directly responds to the identified challenges in the community.
  • We design, initiate and implement small projects that are innovative and problem solving which are always left out by donors.
  • Project funds are directly used for its purpose and put in to good use.
  • Excellent project reporting, transparency and accountability system.
  • Over 8 years of experience and proven track record of managing projects.
  • Strong organization management structures and systems.
  • We use Human Centered Design approach where we involve community stakeholders during the design, implementation and evaluation of the project which ensures ownership, impact and sustainability of the projects.

Meet our Team

These are the brains working tirelessly in creating impact in the communities where ADEGCO operates.

Joseph Obore

Founder and Executive Director

Sharon Akello

Finance and Operations Lead

Oliver Imalingat

Projects Coordinator

Elizabeth Agwao

Digital Literacy Coach

Daniel Ibaat

Field Officer

Christine Anyait Akot

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