Our Mission

ADEGCO works to promote the development principle of endoginity (development from within) among the vulnerable people for their holistic empowerment and development.

Our Vision

Grassroots communities where vulnerable people are integrated, included and engaged in the development process for their own holistic empowerment, growth and sustainable development.

Our Goal

To empower vulnerable people in Grassroots communities to be self-reliant through inclusive, integrated and participatory development approaches.

Core Values

ADEGCO initiates its programs and implements projects under the following core values:

  • Community-led development.
  • Development principle of endoginity.
  • Problem solving skills of innovation and creativity.
  • Human Centered Design approach to problem-solving.
  • Accountability.
  • Transparency.
  • Partnership.

Our Philosophy

We believe that by empowering the most disadvantaged groups of people with practical skills and knowledge which builds on their own capacities, we can create sustainable/long-lasting change through generations.

We also believe in the principle of endoginity which states that, “for development to be realized in communities, people must be involved, included and engaged in the development process! Development is from, by and for the people” Therefore, we use very flexible, comprehensive and people centered development approaches with a strong emphasis on active involvement, inclusion and integrated participation by the community members, integration of their skills and talents for holistic empowerment and development.

Our Partners

Collaborations, partnerships and working together makes us grow, sustainable and achieve impact at scale! The following have a strong believe and trust in what we do and how we do it!

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